What our customers are saying about Minks and Lengths

"I purchased the lashes for my daughters. We got several pairs. The quality is amazing. They look so real! They feel sooo soft. I’ve never seen prettier lashes in my life. My girls just wouldn’t stop talking about how these the best lashes they have ever received!! Thanks Minks and Lengths for the best lashes ever!!" - Bebe Patton 

"I purchased my hair bundles from Minks and Lengths and I love them. the hair is so soft. It doesn't shed and my body wave keeps curls. I will definitely be shopping with Minks and Lengths again"- Angela Griffin Martin

"I’ve purchased a pair of mink eye lashes that I truly love . I recommend them to every woman whom love lashes & would like for your eyes to have that pop about them  "- Kyonnia Brown